1.Who is able to get e-mail with marmara.edu.tr extension ?

• Academic and administrative personnel are able to get e-mail adress with “marmara.edu.tr” extension.

• Students are able to get e-mail adress with “marun.edu.tr” extension.

2. What are the necessary procedures for e-mail allocation , how is it applied ?

Academic and Administrative Personnel
Academic and Administrative Personnel are able to create e-mail account linked @marmara.edu.tr via E-mail Management System (https://hesap.marmara.edu.tr) by user informations of Information Management System ( https://bys.marmara.edu.tr) . They can also learn their user name via e-mail user name recall and it is enabled to make a new password by using the option for e-mail password change.

Contracted Personnel
It is filled in the required informations by downloading the application form for e-mail address with @marmara.edu.tr extension. The filled request form is transmitted to us via fax or in person. It is also required the person to transmit the copies of agreements and the cover letter relating with where they working through EBYS (Elektronic Documents Management Systeem)
It is enabled to form the e-mails through BYS (bys.marmara.edu.tr) user informations via e-mail management system( https://hesap.marmara.edu.tr). The students, having the account before, who forget their password or have the problem to enter their account can recreate the password of their e-mail address with marun.edu.tr extension through by user name and password informations from hesap.marmara.edu.tr. If they can not remember their BYS password, it is enabled to get the information by marking the choice of “I forgot my password” through (bys.marmara.edu.tr).
Note 1: University personnel who have not registration before in BYS can register through https://hesap.marmara.edu.tr) to click the link “click here for to get first password”. In case that there are some problem with BYS, academic personnel and students can contact with automation department by requesting the help via obys.destek@marmara.edu.tr
Note 2 : You are needed the account in BYS (Information Management System) as academic or administrative personnel in order to create the account with @marmara.edu.tr extension through hizmet.marmara.edu.tr . In the same way, you are needed to register as student in BYS in order to create with @marun.edu.tr extension.
3. What is the capacity of e-mail accounts ?
It is 2 GB for academic and administrative personnel and 200 MB for students. The capacity for electronic mail with attachments is maximum 20 MB.
4. What happens if the e-mail capacity is exceeded ?
You can not get the e-mails until you adequately empty your quota and it is sended the warning to the person who want to send e-mail to you because of your filled quota.
5.How is done the e-mail client configurations ?
Click below link for e-mail client configurations.
6. How is to get the web based access to the e-mail accounts ?
Academic and administrative personnel are able to access to their e-mail accounts via https://posta.marmara.edu.tr .
Students are able to access to their e-mail accounts via https://posta.marun.edu.tr .


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