Open Source Software

Computer programs are protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works. Using unlicensed programs falls within the scope of Information Crimes. For this reason, University staff and students are required to comply with this rule when using University Information Technologies.

The University IT Department has the duties of organizer, manager and solution producer in the correct use of software in the perception of its vision and mission. As BIDB, we carry out research and development activities for the most efficient use of resources. We carry out software development, adaptation and support activities in many areas that concern all students and staff.

We wanted to show alternative solutions to the software sold under license, which is used or desired to be used in our country and in the university curriculum, among the ready-made software that our students use in the curriculum related to their fields of study or in their studies.

Many people who believe that humanity should benefit from common resources in a better way have been involved in many studies on software. "Open Source Software", "Free Software" definitions were used for these works. Under these definitions, there are over 1 million open source software published with many unique licensing differences. The common point of these software developed in all kinds of variations from operating systems to graphic editing solutions, from mobile devices to server devices is that they are free of charge, software codes are published openly and are open to multiple development. It has developed alternatives to many of the licensed software you are using. In fact, many open source software can produce better solutions than their licensed counterparts. 

We wanted to publish some examples below. You can easily find open source software that can be an alternative to licensed software that you cannot find here on the internet with the search keys "-program name- alternative to" or "open source -program name-".

Operating Systems

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Office Softwares

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Academic Practices

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Graphics & Video

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