Turkey connected to the internet, as all the world did, in 1993 in order to take advantage of the benefits offered by the modern age technologies. But before times of this connection, in 1986, the organisation named TUVAKA (Turkey Universities and Research Institution Networks) was established with the aim to build the infrastructure of the research network and then connected to EARN (European Academic Research Network) through  Ege University which is located in İzmir. But the aforementioned institution started to lose its effect when Turkey meet the internet in 1993 and was closed because of establishing of ULAKBIM.

ULAKBIM; It was established by Tubitak (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) within the protocol signed between TUBITAK and YOK (The council of Higher Education) after being taken over of documentation service of YOK.  ULAKBIM is consist of two units: one of these two units is called “National Academic Network (UlakNet)” carrying out the activities in order to build a network infrastructure for academic;  and the other is Cahit Arif Information Center that was established to provide the information and documentation services accross the country.

UlakNet: It provides the free service for totally 120 units which consist of all the universities in Turkey, TUBITAK Units, Military Schools, Military Academies and Police Academies, Turkish Historical Society, National Library, YOK(The Council of Higher Education), OSYM (The Student Selection and Placement Centre), Turkish Atomic Energy Authority,  research and development units of Turkish Armed Forces,  by  using Frame Relay leaseded from Turk Telekom, ATM and leased lines. Within this framework, 80.000 instructors, researchers and nearly 1.700.000 university students are benefited from this service.

The first time was in 1997, Marmara University connected to the UlakNet at the speed of 2 Mbit through the system which was installed in Rectorate Building, Goztepe Campus through the Fibre-Optic Cable that was spanned by the Turk Telekom.

 A department was established as the  “Internet Center”, with 50 m2 space which is placed at 2th floor in the Rectorate Building. In 1997, being in service with 1 staff and 3 student, it was not within the Department of Information Technology  and affiliated with Rectorship without legal status. At the first years, it was only avaliable two  communication server ( an e-mail, a web)  in the buildings of Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Art and Sciences, Faculty of Technical Education and Ataturk Faculty of Education which are located in Goztepe Campus.

When the responsible person for Internet Center resigned his position in July, 2000, Huseyin Yuce, an academician at Marmara University, was assigned the responsibility for that department. From this date on, Acıbadem, Altunizade, Pendik Education and Research Hospital and Anadolu Hisari campuses (only Department of Business Administration –German ) were directly connected  to  the UlakNet.

The capacity of the UlakNet, which is the academic network  established  by ULAKBİM in 1995 to provide service for  the universities,  was  gradually increased  to the extent permitted by the budget facilities until mid-2002. But within these gradual improvements, it has become impossible for the given institution to achieve the universal normes and it was required  to make a big splash in this field.

At the High Council for Science and Technology’s meeting dated 13th December  2002,  it was decided that a project prepared in this field would be supported and implemented and  thereby UlakNet Amendment Project was started with the approval of Ministry of Finance. With this aim,  new hardware infrastructure was received in  September,  2002 and by November of the same year,  the system was  put into service. In March, 2003, the new infrastructure was completely taken into service.

In this amendment process provided by UlakNet,  the project of “Building and Developing of Infrastructure for  Marmara University Local  Area Networks” carried out by Marmara University was  contracted out in October 2002. Link speed at 2 Mbit  was raised  up to 155 Mbit/s in the Goztepe Campus. By also this project, it was provided the capability of supporting the higher speed for insufficient inter-campus links. Bahcelievler and Haydarpasa campuses were connected to Goztepe Campus by using the fiber optic cabling infrastructure, allowing an interconnection of up to 34 Mbit/s.

Sultanahmet, Beyazit, Kartal, Basibuyuk campuses  were also connected to Goztepe Campus between 2003-2005. In the end of 2003, the  inter-campus networks were constructed with the project of “Building and Developing of Infrastructure for  Marmara University Local  Area Networks”. While the given project was completed, Marmara University had internet connection in its 300 computer in 1997 and this number was augmented to 8000 in the year of 2006.


  • 2006 – The internet speed was increased to 300 Mbps.
  • 2007- The Number of server was increased to 20.

                  OBIM (Student Information System) was  put into service.

  • 2008-  It was moved into the Metro Ethernet Infrastructure.
  • 2009-  Student Information Management System was put into service with its all core functions.
  • 2010- New features were added to the Student Information Management  System
  • 2011- It was engaged in the Personel Information Management System.
  • 2012- Hardware and software performance studies were completed.  University was engaged in the Document Tracking System.
  • 2013- Electronic Information Management System
  • BAP (Scientific Research Projects) Information Management System
  • Online Degree Verification System
  • Electronic mail interface was renewed. hesap.marmara.edu.tr was put into service.
  • Web page of Marmara University and content management system were renewed.
  • 2014- Wireless Network Access was avaliable throughout the  campuses.
  • Our University had reached its database center including  312 server.
  • 2015-  This information  is included in the project section. 



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