The “Marmara University Survey System” carried out by Department for Information Technology of the university was put into practice with the aim to support the science activities of lecturers. The system given is a survey preparing programme with web based for general purpose. This programme led our lecturers to put their survey into usage in internet without any required detailed technical knowledge and enables them to easily analyse the survey results .

• Web based usage is enabled to access and administrate from every places that have internet connection
• It is enabled to create numerous surveys and numerous questions and answers types for each survey.
• the answer types which was prepared before can be used and they are enabled to erase or arrange.

• Developing Access Permission : It can be especially determined the person who answer the survey and see the results if required. The survey can be open to everyone who wants to answer it. The person to answer the survey can be limited with a few different ways like as IP based, user name, sending e-mail with password or automatically.
• The person can be limited how many times they answer the same survey . For example; once in every seven days, only once .

• The survey may not listed in the main page. If so,the survey is avaliable with the defined internet address including the number like as You can send this address via e-mail to the person who answer the survey or it is enabled to give it from your web site as the connection (link).

• The survey is managed as active or inactive when it is wanted. Start and finish days can be determined.

• The survey questions can be answered as writing up or multi-option. The answers with multi options can be aligned horizantally, vertically and openable menu or matric.

• It can be marked the questions as obligatory if respondents are wanted to answer. So the respondents can not leave answers blank .

• It is enabled to create the questions in the way they are depending to previous one. For example, it is depending to answer 11.question whether the 12.question is displayed . It can be prevented to ask your respondents for the maiden name in case the respondent ranks the question of 11. “what is your sex?” as “Male”.

• The results of the survey are able to filtered according to the choosen questions . For example, if there is a question as “What is your gender?” it isdetermined the ranks for “male” as filter and the results can only be displayed for males who rank the answers.

• You can print the survey results through the web browser as percentiles using the colour dimension lines or question and answers . Or you can download as CSV in order to use later with the office programmes like Excel or statistical analyse package software .

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